Meet Iris

From immigrant to community leader.

Iris was eight years old when she said goodbye to the only home she knew to join her family in America. Her new home was a small apartment in Logan Square, and on that first day reuniting with both of her parents, she met her five-year-old sister for the very first time.

Why I'm Running

I was just a young child when my parents left me with family members in Mexico so they could safely chart a path to America and a better life for all of us. After joining my parents and moving into our small Logan Square apartment, I played an important role helping my family make ends meet. I helped take care of my siblings, went to school full time, and worked at our Lady of Resurrection Medical Center.

But what allowed us to survive and secure a better future was access to a quality public education and Illinois’ state public benefits.

I’m running for State House because politicians have cutoff these resources, leaving the most vulnerable in our community without a path to stability and prosperity – and we need an effective community advocate if we’re going to get them back.

As a Mexican immigrant, I’m eager to galvanize and organize our neighborhoods to fight back against leaders who stopped investing in our people and spend their time in Springfield undermining our thriving local communities.

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